Therapeutic Hip Injection

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can a patient drive home after the injection procedure?

The surgery center insists that the patient have someone drive them to and from the procedure appointment.

Can a patient who works nearby take the train to work/home after injection?

Yes, if the patient is escorted. Please remember this procedure is done under sedation.

What is the recovery time after the injection?

Soreness for 1-5 days, recovery in the same time frame.

When can a patient expect to feel pain relief?

1-5 days

How long can a patient expect pain relief?

Most patients see improvement for 6-12 months.

If the pain comes back sooner, what is the next step?

Schedule a follow-up appointment with the doctor to discuss treatment options.

If the injection does not alleviate the pain, what is the next treatment option?

Hip arthroscopy or a total hip replacement depending on the severity of arthritis.

How often can a cortisone (Kenalog) injection be done?

Every 3 months.

How often can an “Oil Change” (Supartz) injection be done?

Every 6 months.

Are you under general anesthesia for the procedure?

No, you are sedated via IV.

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