I tore both my ACL and MCL in a skiing accident in 2009. I was referred to Dr. Adickes by my chiropractor. I went to Dr. Adickes and it was the best decision I made. My knee was swollen and he sent me to physical therapy before surgery.

At the moment, I was disgruntled because I wanted him to start surgery right away and not wait 2 weeks. Once in therapy, I found out from my therapist that this will reduce swelling from my knee and get me ready to gain quicker recovery after surgery (since I gain mobility in my knee).

And true to that, after surgery, I was able to recover quickly with full range of motion. 3 months after, I was able to run 5K, 6 months after I was able to ski again, and ran my first 2 marathons 2 years later.
All with my reconstructed knee (by Dr. Adickes) :).

Thank you Dr. Adickes!!!
My marathon dreams could not have come true without you.

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