This doctor is great because he understands athletes and will speak the same language as an athlete. He took a more holistic approach in his treatment by treating me as a whole rather than just my knee in isolation. Also, his team/assistants are very helpful and supportive. Thus, I strongly recommend Dr. Adickes and his support team.

Dr. Adickes has been treating my daughter’s hip problems since she was 16 years old. If a mother can trust a doctor for their child this is only the beginning of what I can say about this wonderful “Doc.” He has done great innovative surgeries on my daughter. Our family is very grateful to have found such a caring and great man. I would recommend him to anyone.

Dr. Adickes, all I can say is thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I tore both my ACL and MCL in a skiing accident in 2009. I was referred to Dr. Adickes by my chiropractor. I went to Dr. Adickes and it was the best decision I made. My knee was swollen and he sent me to physical therapy before surgery.

At the moment, I was disgruntled because I wanted him to start surgery right away and not wait 2 weeks. Once in therapy, I found out from my therapist that this will reduce swelling from my knee and get me ready to gain quicker recovery after surgery (since I gain mobility in my knee).

And true to that, after surgery, I was able to recover quickly with full range of motion. 3 months after, I was able to run 5K, 6 months after I was able to ski again, and ran my first 2 marathons 2 years later.
All with my reconstructed knee (by Dr. Adickes) :).

Thank you Dr. Adickes!!!
My marathon dreams could not have come true without you.

Dr. Mark Adickes is an extraordinary doctor as well as person. His experience and training, combined with his cheery demeanor and caring manner combine to make him the very best doctor I have ever met or even heard about.

He reconstructed my ACL in 2007 and I have never had my knee feel better. Right now he is treating me very conservatively for a meniscus tear which is thoroughly appreciated.

I cannot adequately express what an incredible person he is. Suffice it to say, anyone would be fortunate to have Dr. Adickes as their doctor. I am incredibly fortunate.

My surgery on my knee didn’t help, so went to see Dr. Adickes who sorted out the mess. He also then repaired my right knee. Wonderful caring physician with excellent staff. I golf and ride my bike. I have recommended a number of friends to his practice. Good guy, good physician.

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