Understanding Therapeutic Hip Injections

When Houston, TX area patients are struggling with hip pain caused by arthritis, they may feel as though hip arthroscopy or total hip replacements are their only hope for relief. Fortunately, at Jock to Doc, Dr. Mark Adickes offers an alternative solution to consider before surgical intervention: therapeutic hip injections.

What are therapeutic hip injections?

Therapeutic hip injections are injections into the hip area to help calm and relieve pain symptoms for patients with arthritis. While it is not permanent, it can provide up to twelve months of pain relief for many men and women. The injections are done with sedation to ensure patients are comfortable. Patients should arrange transportation to and from the doctor’s office for their injection due to the use of sedation medication.

What injections are done at the office?

Dr. Mark Adickes offers two types of injections, including Kenalog and Supartz.

  • Kenalog – Kenalog or cortisone injections can be administered every three months to treat pain and discomfort in the hip area.
  • Supartz – Supartz injections, also called “oil change” injections, can be done every six months for pain relief.

Why might I consider therapeutic hip injections?

Some patients consider the benefits of injections because they want a non-surgical approach to their pain relief. The best candidates for this treatment are patients who want to avoid taking daily pain medications (and deal with the side effects) but want to avoid hip arthroscopy or total hip replacement. During a consultation appointment, Dr. Mark Adickes will determine if a patient is a good candidate for injections, and discuss with them the advantages and disadvantages of this route of pain relief. Many patients love the ability to control discomfort from arthritis without having to spend the day taking over-the-counter or prescription pain medications to function at their best.

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