Learn about therapeutic hip injections

Therapeutic hip injectionsIf you are struggling with hip pain and are located in or around the area of Houston, TX, Dr. Mark Adickes and his team at Jock to Doc can help with therapeutic hip injections. These injections, often a steroid medication, can help ease pain and discomfort at the source.

Why therapeutic hip injections?

When patients are unhappy with using daily medications to treat pain and inflammation in this hip joints, they may consider the benefits of injectable steroids. Injectable steroids are best used when patients have muscle pain and inflammation around the hip joint that makes it difficult for them to walk, run, or participate in certain sports. These injections of steroid medication can be done once every six months to alleviate discomfort that impacts one’s daily activities.

What can I expect from therapeutic hip injections?

At Jock to Doc, we administer hip injections while the patient is sedated with IV sedation. Patients should be escorted to and from the doctor, as they are unable to drive following the procedure. IV sedation ensures comfort during the administration of the medication. The injection is done quickly and easily in the office of Dr. Mark Adickes as an outpatient procedure. Patients will need to allow some time for the medication to provide results, typically a few days.

What can therapeutic hip injections be used for?

In most cases, patients with osteoarthritis will find these injections to be extremely beneficial to improving their quality of life and allowing them to be more active. Arthritic solutions such as this can be affordable and effective for more long-term results. Some patients find that with regular hip injections of the joint, they can eliminate the need for daily pain medication. Others may still need to take over-the-counter medications to alleviate discomfort, but are often able to eliminate stronger pain medications that can cause unwanted side effects.

Ready to discuss therapeutic hip injections with our team?

Contact Dr. Mark Adickes of Jock to Doc today by calling (713) 464-0077 and visiting the practice at 950 Campbell Road. Our team, including our orthopedic surgeon, can assist with a wide variety of solutions for the body to get patients back on track with their regular activities!

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