How therapeutic hip injections can get you active again!

Patients struggling with osteoarthritis of the hip may find that this condition has significantly slowed them and impacted their quality of life. It may keep them from enjoying their favorite activities and be the cause of inflammation and pain. However, you don’t have to live with the pain or spend your days taking over-the-counter pain medication to manage the discomfort. Instead, you can speak to Dr. Mark Adickes and his team at Jock to Doc to learn more about therapeutic hip injections.

What is a therapeutic hip injection?

Patients who have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hip joints might want to speak to a provider about treatment options to address the discomfort that inhibits them from certain daily activities. In most cases, patients can find long-term relief with injections that helps them remain active, while for others, it might not be appropriate. During a consultation appointment, Dr. Mark Adickes, our orthopedic surgeon, will evaluate a patient to determine the level of pain they experience from his or her condition and decide if he or she is a good candidate for any of the therapeutic hip injections offered at the practice. Some of the more common injections that are used to address osteoarthritis of the hip include:

  • Corticosteroid injection
  • Hyaluronic acid injection
  • Acupuncture
  • Platelet-rich Plasma injections
  • Stem cell injection

Patients interested in any of the above injections to manage hip pain will want to book a consultation visit and initial evaluation at Jock to Doc to learn more about the most appropriate option for their unique needs. Our goal at Jock to Doc is to assist patients in feeling their best and functioning with as little pain and discomfort as possible, especially for long-term, chronic conditions such as this.

Connect with the team at Jock to Doc

Houston, TX patients faced with osteoarthritis that has slowed them down and kept them from enjoying a better quality of life are encouraged to work with Dr. Mark Adickes to discuss the advantages of therapeutic hip injections. Our team is located at 950 Campbell Road and can be reached by phone to request an appointment at (713) 464-0077.

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